Project Overview

For 2011, Sixth Form Survivor takes a new approach which builds on the collaborative elements which made the pilot such a success.

For the visitor to participate, the website first collects their name and email address which are held in Sixth Form Survivor’s database for future e-marketing purposes. The website’s interactive multiple choice quiz encourages the participant to learn more about their eating habits and, based on their results, awards a category and a choice of avatar which best reflects their lifestyle. The visitor can share their results with their friends on Facebook and Twitter, virally spreading the promotion and driving more traffic back to the website. All participants have the option of entering the website’s prize draw to win a day in the audience of Saturday Kitchen with celebrity chef James Martin.

The pilot website was highly commended for its excellent design approach which struck the best balance of fun, friendly and informative. Eyekiller were keen to build upon this strength and make the most of the popularity the initiative had secured. The end result is a website that is instantly recognisable to fans but includes many new design elements which keep Sixth Form Survivor at the forefront of its marketplace. All aspects of the website’s bespoke content management have been tailor made by Eyekiller’s developers to ensure a reliable and dependable structure for the second year of this highly popular online initiative.



What we did

  • Information Architecture
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media

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