Screenshots showing some Eyekiller wesbites and our Content Management System along with mobile phone.

Manage websites with ease

Regularly updated content is key to a successful website. Not only does it keep your audience interested, it provides search engines with new content to help you rank better in search results. With an easy to use Content Management System (CMS), your site can evolve as your business grows and reach out to new visitors.

Eyekiller build websites on powerful CMS platforms. With these, our clients can update text, images, links and multimedia content efficiently and without the need for technical knowledge. Having amassed years of experience integrating CMS systems into our clients’ websites, we are well placed to offer helpful, impartial advice on which CMS platform will best fit your requirements.

Content management made simple

With just a little practice, you’ll soon be managing your website like a pro!

Text Editor

Drag and Drop

Content ordering made easy. Simply lift, drag and drop your content wherever you want to it to appear.

  • Letter A
  • Letter B
  • Letter C

Image Crop

Upload, crop, save and publish your images without ever leaving the Content Management System.

Photograph of a bridge.


Pinpoint locations with simple drag and drop markers on integrated maps.


Simplify routine tasks and publish great content with feature-rich content management.

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